Not(e) Taken for Granted

These are only words of my humle thoughts. On where, why and what are we. Things that may make us a bit chary, but please don’t be too worry. Just think about them and be happy Where did we come from?

Why are we here?

Where do we go when we die?

What lies beyond, and what lay before?

Is any thing certain in life?

They say, life is too short.

The here and the now.

And you’re only given one shot.

But could there be more?

Have I lived before?

Or could this be all we’ve got?

O brothers and sisters… load up and fly high.

Don’t groan and sigh.

Life isn’t about this and thy.

There are a whole lot X and Y.

For those who start thinking

“Here” is only the beginning.

Of a journey never-ending.

“Now” is the timing.

To seize the everlasting.

O Brothers and sisters… We’ve talked the talk. But dare we walk the walk. We’d known those certainties. But never yield to them. We blinked at the fact. Made one slip after another.

O…brothers and sisters. Make up your mind. Rise high up and be ready. Time is a bullet you can’t dodge. It’s cutting you right to the top. It will never too late to catch you up!

O fratelli e sorelle… Scusa la mia povera lingua


5 thoughts on “Not(e) Taken for Granted

  1. Ema Rachman says:

    yeah… if we all know why we have been created and why on this filthy earth( human who made it) we must live….We will running to reach the sky and ignore small things which hurting us ..stay central not focus on what be taught , follow the template God has choosen….Not to make HIM upset by pretending to be His follower….Shalawat ala Muhammad wa aali Muhammad!!!

  2. Taufik MUrdono says:

    Buttom line is how can we be happy living on this planet Earth?
    Try to answer these to yourself :

    1. What are your wishes?
    2. Why do I want those wishes?
    3. If those wishes came true, would I be happy? Why?
    4. Can I be happy without getting those wishes?
    5. How am I doing so far? Am I Happy?
    6. What are the meaning of happines in your own word?

    Take as much time as you like to answer those question above, try to answer them involving your heart/feelings when you were alone without any disturbance..then You’ll see how it turn out?

  3. musakazhim says:

    Serasa nonton Oprah, tapi jangan ada yang minta hadiah uang, mobil, tiket berlibur dsb ya. Here frankly is not that kinda place, with all apologies.

    He, he, he..

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