Cleaning the House of God

I’m glad that I’m not a neat freak like my wife. But deep inside me I really want a house just as tidy and clean as her. I know it is a hard work, so whenever she does clean and redecorate our house, I always appreciated her for that.

Cleaning and redecorating house is a periodical habits of her. For the past 4 days now she has been doing just that, making our house even more look alike a miniature kindergarten. She painted some walls and floors with green and yellow color, maybe to make the house more enjoyable for our first child and her friends from the neighborhood and preparing the coming of our second child in the next several months—Gods willing.

We all want a lovely and beautiful home, but finding time to clean up or making the decision to pitch ugly and unneeded items is difficult. Sometime it might break our nerves just to think of all those hardships we’ve got to go through in doing so. But once we picture the outcome, we’re instantly convinced that those hardships are worth taking. So, cleaning the house become reasonable and urgent cause in all of us. 

The question that pops up my head at this point is what about my hearts? I pay so much attention to my physical environment, which is great and a sign of civility, but what about my soul and heart? What about my mental and spiritual environment? Do I really spend that much time on cleaning, reorganizing and decoreting the space within myself?

In one tradition, the Prophet Muhammad said that human heart is the house of God, so whoever let anyone else enter it she/he run against the will of the True Owner of the heart.

So I start thinking about cleaning all the grudges against old friends that might still eating away my soul. It’s actually a piece of cake if only I picture the outcome: a bright heart that shine like a home that has been lovingly polished.  

And I’m also thinking of negative thoughts that might encumber me from reaching my ultimate goals. With some positive thinking and good planning I have to clean up those debilitating stains.

Then I also think about grumpy old feelings of hatred towards others that are still lurking in my heart. The sort of hatred that will smash away my body and soul till the last breath of my life.  

Now I have to put my self together to remove them all and making some sort of cleaning up deep inside myself.

Unfortunately, there is no ultra 1-2-3 spray to remove all the stains from my heart. Sometimes one manages to clean a particular spot in his/her heart, but he/she has’t paid enough attention for it to heal. The heart needs personal and continuous care—as many Muslim ethical masters have told us. They advise us to take the time and make a habit of caring for our hearts and souls.

So we must have a check-up once in a while.Why wait until it’s too late? Why put myself off? What is so important that isn’t letting me move forward? Those great moral teachers have advised each person of us to perform an inventory on our own. Each of us has to see what’s in our own heart, what should be there that isn’t and what shouldn’t be there – but is.

They also said to take everything slowly, bit by bit. Number one: devote more time to those important relationships. Why not take baby steps at first? Make an effort to communicate in a more positive way with our family members. Try spending less time on the phone at home. At meal times, ask how the people you care about are. You might even have to make room in your busy schedule to have a meal time! Every heart needs another to comfort it along the way to reach the zenith. In this world where we try to get ahead by doing things by ourselves, being lonely in the path of heart-cleaning will not get us anywhere.

Periodical cleaning of the heart should be a family undertaking, just like house cleaning is. Everyone should help each other. It’s tough, no great ethical masters have said that it was easy. Anything worth having is worth struggling to achieve. Take into consideration why we were put here on earth. Don’t you agree that it wasn’t only to sip tea or sit on the couch and watch TV, do you?

However, don’t let the clutter in our heart get out of control either. It’s just as important. In the first case, you might get too compulsive and obsessive in the process, but that obsession will make the task impossible to undertake. When too many negative things crowded our heart, we must stay strong and believe that God will not put down anyone who seeks His help, especially in perfecting our hearts.Just like everything else in this world, it’s a cycle. It never ends. Each time we think you have finished something, we realize that it’s actually the beginning of something else.  

May God give us strength to continue doing what is right until we reach what we are worthy of—a happy and perfect human being in accordance with our true spiritual potentials!   


One thought on “Cleaning the House of God

  1. God will not put down anyone who seeks His help–> Thank u pa ustaz, it really means so much to me.
    Sometimes we just need to pause every once and a while, and reflect to Allah’s Most Compassionate mercy and love, and it’ll all come to our senses insya allah..

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